Sunday, January 13, 2013

Articulating Tendencies

These gray jacket and pants were part of my spring/summer 2013 collection which I dubbed 'Tendencies'. It was basically a collection based on several concepts that I've explored in past collections but ultimately still relevant and fascinating for my interest. I've dabbled with raw unfinished seams in some of my pieces before but not as a core concept for this one. I've also used again the same cotton fabric from my fall/winter 2011 collection but this time in black and gray. There was a conscious effort to achieve a worn-out, slouchy, vintage-y feel to the pieces - like it feels part of your wardrobe already, so we washed the pieces by hand. A lot of the pieces were based on ethnic costumes, something I've drawn inspiration extensively, but I usually reduce the essence of the piece into its basic pattern and discard the telling details that mark its provenance. Whether a jacket from China, a shirt from India or pants from Thailand, I like to interpret it in a way that would fit my style. This collection is something that resembles 90 percent of what you can see in my closet. That's why I've been wearing a lot of the pieces everyday. 

top - DP s/s 2013 jacket + E.hypenworld Gallery tee, bottom - DP s/s 2013 pants, shoes - tabi, accessories - Maison Martin Margiela x H&M hair lock necklace

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