Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emerge From The Tyranny Of Black

I love black but sometimes it's fun to take a rest from it and be a little bit lighter. There are other shades to explore and sometimes it's just a case of laundry issue. All your black pieces in a mountain pile because you're too lazy to wash it. And I hate doing laundry! So out comes the less favored pieces, the ones that goes buried under the pile, and the one who gives you a perfect surprise because A.) You forgot buying it, and B.) How can you forget such a piece when you are the one who designed it! That's the case with this pants from my spring/summer 2012 collection. I'm glad I dug it up and used it. 

top - Alcali tee + DP s/s 2013 jacket + Maison Martin Margiela x H&M oversized masculine jacket, bottom - DP s/s 2012 'Agra' pants, shoes - DP s/s 2013 sandals

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Jp Singson said...

got this jacket too! looks great on u don! xoxo