Friday, November 16, 2007

Going to Phnom Penh by Bus

I was too chicken to try the airplane going to phnom penh because my friends told me that it was horrible. And since Loven has to set up his exhibit at Raffles Le Royale, and Brewster has to be there for some stuff i can't mention here, and Fate has to be there for some retail therapy, and I have to be at Phnom Penh to meet up with the artists there and tour the galleries, we decided to go together and take the 6 hour bus ride. It was tiring but fun.

the bus station

the bus

moi. at the back Loven is arguing with the bus operator because they wouldn't load his artworks. he went ballistic for drama. of course, loven won but they loaded the pieces into another bus. secret here is to go ballistic and explosive. threat to call the manager. i know it's cruel but hey life is tough.

Loven and Fate

punky brewster and moi

town view

Creamy Tarantulas

Yummy Crickets!!!

This 'plant' drink

Well, wanna try honeycomb with baby bees (not sweet), banana with honey and cassava cake?

yummy vegetables and seafood noodles

itty bitty puto

at the back is the restaurant where we ate some snacks

Our stop over. I forgot the name of the place.

Funny name

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