Saturday, November 24, 2007

McDermott Gallery opening of Wowie's work

Team Pinoy! Bahaghari, moi,Wowie, her boyfriend (sorry i forgot your name), Paul, Fate, and Loven. VJ is outside making kwento with the tsiks. Hehehe

Candles chuva for mood

the crowd

Lyno Vuth. The picture at the back is his. Talented guy.

Lyno and Rattana, photographers

Wine and art go together


Wowie Navarroza, the art girl of the night!

Celine, the wonderful girl in charge of all the projections.

Fate and Loven with friends

Bahaghari, Paul and a guest

The white haired guy is John McDermott. Kinda blurry i know.

Projections outside the gallery. I don't remember what was this about.

One of the projections on the street. This one is about Bali.

a guest and Nerissa (she's the owner of McDermott Gallery and wife of John)

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