Thursday, November 15, 2007

One of my despidida party

Bo, Xtin, Rofel and moi. My friends decided to give me a little despidida party at Madam Xtins house. They prepared a potluck meal so there was no theme for the food. So we had salads cavorting with pastas, with fried and grilled meat to the fish with mango sauce and the addicting potato pearls cooked by Jaya. It was a fun meal peppered with the latest gossip around town. Funny thing though, the one in charge of the drinks (yes, Bo Parcon that's you) came late. The dessert arrived early while the drinks came late! So we had to contend with cold water. Xtin gave me new Harper's Bazaar which I didn't finish reading. Jenet gave me postcards. Thanks guys! I miss you all already.

Jor-el, Bo, Stella, Joan, Crofter, moi, John, JP and Peter

Sherwin, Stella, Joan, Rofel, moi, Xtin, Nonoy in a very traditional Kodak-an firing line pose. Rofel was the organizer and he wanted us all in graphic tees.

Bo and JJ

The delicious food they prepared for me.

Jor-el and Ivan

gnet, joan and crofter

bo and moi

benjie, moi and nonoy

JP, John and Peter

Xtin and moi

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