Saturday, June 14, 2008

Andy Warhol 'Campbell Soup' shirt

Been busy lately, lots of things going on. Anyways highways, let me tell you about one of my fave shirt lately.

Got this shirt from a Japanese thriftshop in Phnom Penh. I got 2 actually and I gave one to Loven. It's the same shop where Fate got me an Issey Miyake shirt, too. Need to go there again and check out what other wonderful new stuff they have.

Strike the pose!

Yes, I know I'm fat!!! And I'm working on it. Been going to the gym religiously. I just had to hear it when I was in Manila when friends would tell me I'm so fat instead of saying hello first or something. Kainis but I needed it. The worsest is when Tina Daniac said, 'Omg! Hindi ka na androgynous!'

I'm sorry Ann Demeulemeester I've failed you.

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