Monday, June 23, 2008

Wala lang...

Many things are going inside my head, many actual things I need to finish but I am so lazy and tired of doing it. I would start one thing and trail off to another ending up not finishing a lot of things. Ewan ko ba, I guess this unknown thing that bothers me is just boredom with a capital B.

Talked to a friend just now through YM and I told him I've been missing my old life in Iloilo. Nope, not the work but the stuff I love doing there. Thrift shopping, dinner with friends, coffee, magazine hunting... My life seems so predictable now. But I'm still happy naman.

I love how my designs are improving because I can check on the production of it since my seamstress is at home. I don't understand why I feel so restless.

Maybe I need sugar.


Bryan Anthony the First said...

maybe you need sex?


fuchsiaboy said...


my friends keep telling me that.

do you wanna?



Oh, who doesn’t ( I mean, missing ilo-ilo,haha) I miss batchoy, the good life, good food, thrift shopping etc…)

kawadjan said...

awwww... emo ka na naman.
you've been avoiding carbs no?

fuchsiaboy said...

buddha banana - Yeah, especially the thrift shopping! can't wait to go home.

bonotan - yes, kulang ako sa carbs and essential sugars esp. fructose. hehehe!