Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Oh my goodness! One month just passed by and suddenly it's July already. Just the other day I celebrated my *bleep* birthday which was one party after another, vying attention from all the 4th of July celebrations happening in town. My friends Bo and Jaki came with me here in Cambodia from Iloilo and we went to Phnom Penh and Kep the next day after I arrived here in Siem Reap. So technically, I had only 'me' time now which gave me the chance to blog. I definitely I have soooooo much things to share with all of you so enough of the excuses already. Lemme start from where I left off the last time.

I had only one day of rest when we arrived in Iloilo. The next morning I took a boat ride to Bacolod with my friends Bo and Jor-el because they had some business there and moi for some fun and ukay. Hahaha!

Fashion Diary first! My gingham tee by Joey Samson x Human, DP f/w 10 pants, tabi boots and Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bag.

Jor-el and Bo.

We ate lunch at Yellow Cab and shared this Cheese and Shrimp pizza.

And this noodle dish with shrimps, roasted peanuts, mushrooms in sweet/spicy sauce. Yum!

Apres, I went to ukay. I will post a different entry about this but lemme tell you I came out with wonderful finds.

Then in the evening I had dinner with the friends of Bo and Jor-el.

This is what I wore: DP f/w 10 hoodie, Topshop sequinned vest, snake skin print top, DP pants and tabi boots.

I really enjoyed my first day in Bacolod.


switful said...

OMG. You went PP?

Sayang didn't meet Bo...

Anonymous said...

yayy,u ate Charlie chan at yellow cab!!! our favorite! :-)cielo

YekkY said...

Winner ang ensemble! LOVE the layers! Miss you Mucho Don! ;*

toxic disco boy said...

cute yung topshop keme and how you mixed it.