Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have this ongoing fascination with Bangkok. There's myriad of reasons why I love going there partly, though I HATE to admit it, because of friends like Kawadjan and Bubbles *rolls eyes*.

I love people watching in Bangkok and the best rag sheet for all those BKK street style eye candies is CHEEZE. It was dear K who introduced me to the mag. Actually, all my Cheeze came from him (and that is the very reason why I still keep him as a 'friend', shhhhhh...). Basta, ibang level ang Cheeze, how they interpret and chronicle fashion.

A sample of its pages. Love Ida's look, the hair, the Westwood shirt and the 70'ish jeans.

One of the coolest guys in BKK, MTV VJ Mike Wong. He's like preppy slash rebel chic.

Denim trend.

This guy's look is soooooo ME! I wish I'm as thin, though.

It's all about the total packaging, as what my BKK friends would say.

It's also about being fierce and fearless.

This look is definitely from Wonder Anatomie.

I have a shirt with a similar skull encrustation. Very Undercover.

The one in red reminds me so much of Karl Leuterio. Or is it DP f/w 2010? hehehe!

Can I suggest this look for Toxic? Sey mo? ;)


JP said...

winner ang post na to!

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks jp ;)

inkarlcerating said...

ang sweet may mentionm akezzz