Monday, September 20, 2010

Bodia Spa

One of the more popular upmarket spa here in Cambodia is Bodia. I really haven't tried it because I usually have my treatment at Spa Indochine of Hotel de la Paix. I'm friends with Bodia's manager and they gave me a huge discount so I finally tried it there one lazy afternoon.

The reception area.

I love their boutique. Shopping!

The second floor waiting area is done minimally but so relaxing.

The sculptural rattan seating was done by Riem, a talented Khmer artist. We sell his artwork and pottery in Poetry.

I love their toilet and shower area.

I had a wonderful experience at Bodia. I came out super revived and relaxed.

Back home this was waiting for moi.

Highly calorific but who cares?! Hahaha!


Leon Franco Dionco said... naman ng spas and massage.

Atleaset hindi na masyadong food.

I wonder what's next? hahahaha!! chos!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love bodia's scrubs. The lemongrass one is amazing. And the facial was pretty lush too!