Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kep with Friends

Last June, my friends and I went to Kep, Cambodia's hidden coastal gem.

The last time I was there we stayed at Knai Bang Chatt. This latest one we stayed at Champey Inn. They had little bungalows decorated with old Khmer/French inspired furnishings.

It's so elegant. I call it nature chic! It inspired my collection of natural linens and cotton.

The breakfast fare was simple but ample.

We had omelette, fruits, coffee and bread. Nothing fancy, just like staying in a friend's house.

The pool was divine!

A lot of people asked me why I love it there and I always say it's inspiring.

You are surrounded by nature and it's a luxury nowadays to have such an escape.

The outside of my room.

One memorable dish I tasted is this carpaccio with rose peppercorn. So yummy and exotic!

I bought the gang to the Sailing Club and we ate lunch there.

Some jumping shots for the win.

Bo loved Knai Bang Chatt so much.

He said he feels like he owns the whole resort, hehehe!

I love the rooms. I will definitely go back and stay here again.

Ralph and Tita Jaki.

I'm wanderlusting for Kep again, yay!

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