Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Iron Fairies

Mt friends Loven and Julius had been raving about this jazz bar that they described as 'something you would like'. Given how well these guys know my taste I was curious to check it out. To be honest I haven't really explored Bangkok in terms of bars and restaurants. Ask me about places to shop and I'd probably be clued about it. Ask me about places to eat and I'd be dumbfounded to answer. Usually it's just Somtam and the usual suspects for me. So finally, after we watched a movie, Julius, Norly and I trekked to Thong Lo for this highly lauded wine & jazz bar called Iron Fairies.

Once you enter, a 1920's spiral staircase greets you. It's a very small, 3 storey bar but it's packed with a charm I can only describe as similar to when you enter a bar in Daigon Alley from Harry Potter.

Sorry for the dark pictures but it was dim in there. The darkness lends so much charm to the whole place.

There's just so many things that will catch your eyes. Projections of b&w silent films, a curio cabinet full of jars containing random 'fairy' dusts and bits...

Iron Fairies is also a blacksmith's workshop. Owned by an Aussie who makes metal fairies based on his children's book series. Sadly, I learned late that you can buy one of his creations. When I'm back I'll try to get one.

My friends from San Franciso would definitely love this place since they like their wine so much. The food was simple but delicious. I had some battered prawns with salad and it was very tasty. Their Bloody Mary (my drink of choice when I feel lethargic) was good although it wasn't the best in my book.

I would definitely come back again!

And do check out their toilet because you will find the video of a guy taking a bath funny.

For clearer pictures check this link.

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