Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Bags And Three Shirts

In my previous post I mentioned I went thrifting at Phsar Krolayn. Here's the stuff I found:

Prada sling bag.

Prada backpack.

Ralph Ralp Lauren shirt in a mix wool and cotton. I figured it would come in handy when it's cold and I love how minimal and basic it was. I'm not really into RL preppy stuff so this one can definitely blend into my clothing style.

Toraichi shirts, a Japanese workwear label. No, I'm not wearing this but I collect it to study the details of the shirt. This inspired the exposed stitching I've been doing on my designs as of late.


Ann said...

Winner! Fave ko ang Prada backpack,=D

fuchsiaboy said...

Mine is the sling bag because it's big enough to stash the little stuff when I go out but also small enough to double as a party bag. Prada is chic, too.