Thursday, January 05, 2012

In Celebration Of The Year That Was And Is To Come

There was no plan on what to do to welcome the new year of 2012. It was my first time to spend it in Phnom Penh and I was just going with the flow on what my friends decided.

It was dinner at Tepui, courtesy of our loaded friend Adi, but when we got there it was fully booked and the staff who assisted us wasn't so flexible in arranging a table for us even though we were five people. We ended up at Rahu, a nice alternative and much more festive in my opinion.

Nod and moi.

Toefi, Eng and Adi.

Later on Franco and Ciaran joined us.

We had the countdown at Naga World with drinks and amazing fireworks display. It was fun and different than my usual Siem Reap new year celebration. I hope you had fun with yours, too!

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