Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Shop In Amansara

Everytime I visit Amansara I always take a photo of their flower arrangement in the reception area. I think it's superbly chic, elegantly understated and tastefully minimal. I would love to have that in my house!

I was there to deliver some new designs for their shop. I've been selling there quite recently and I'm so happy my designs have been warmly patronized by their guests. I'm doing an exclusive selection of designs for them which I don't sell in my shop. You would be surprised it took me two years, from the time they invited me, to actually produce a collection for them. I'm so happy I'm doing it now and I get a different source of inspiration when I'm conceptualizing a collection for them. I just finished my 3rd collection for them and it's all in white and cream pieces. Right now I'm on research mode for the 4th collection and I'm leaning towards making a full 'Perfect Imperfect' hand dyeing collection. I also checked out this organic dyed cotton from this weaving organization and I hope to use it for this collection.

The shop is tiny but it's well curated. I read an article recently written by a Philippine fashion magazine editor where she wrote that she get reminded of places because of the things she shopped from there. Sadly, she mentioned that she didn't buy anything when she visited Siem Reap. The shop of Amansara stocks the best products from artisans of the country and only the price (yes, exclusivity comes with a price) might deter people from buying. Also she might have visited years back but quite recently a lot more labels have been cropping up and I can tell you they produce exciting products. Just the other night I discovered a jewelry brand that recycles old decommissioned bullets and metal from Khmer Rouge guns turning it into cool jewelry. I will blog about cool shops here in Cambodia next time.

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