Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Christmas Feast

Let me share the food we ate at the Christmas dinner in NagaWorld.

We started with a trio of savory custard, baked oyster with cheese and a cheese ball. My fave is the oyster although I wish they gave more, hahaha!

Then we had a salmon salad. It was very tasty and I wouldn't mind having more of it, too. I don't know if they have this in their ala carte menu? I would surely eat this again.

The wild forest mushroom was creamy and earthy for me.

A raspberry sorbet to cleanse the palate.

Since I don't eat turkey I passed it and had this white fish dish, instead. This is my fave! The pea mash complimented the creaminess of the fish. I asked for a second and I was happy they obliged! Kudos to NagaWorld staff.

We had a series of desserts and had sugar overload! First was this butterscotch made from aged alcohol. I totally forgot the name but it was like 15 years old or something.

Then some ice cream and a whole lot of other chocolate thingamagigs.

AND a tower of other sweet confections like French macaroons, opera cake, little pies, chocolate ganache, truffles and sugary rose petals. There was also a plate of cheese and crackers.

That's what I ate during Christmas eve.

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