Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back In Bangkok


Early March I was in Bangkok again. It seems like Siem Reap is my 'countryside' and Bangkok is my 'city'. Dean&Deluca is my usual first pit stop for some nourishment and wiFi connection. Unlike Siem Reap where most establishments, especially coffee shops, have free internet, Bangkok seems to be lagging behind such concept. It's not very tourist friendly on that point. Kudos to D&D for thinking of their customers that's why I've spent a lot of my food allowance there. And the food is delish, too!

The schedule for the evening was a birthday dinner celebration with Rex. He wanted to treat me for his birthday since I can't go with them to the beach extravaganza he will host for his dearest friends. I'm so bummed I'm missing it because it's also the opening of ARTillery in Phnom Penh. Aside from me he also invited Julius.

Doesn't my vintage Jean Paul Gaultier bag look cool? I found it in the Japanese thrift store in Siem Reap. I was so stoked plus they also gave me 50% discount! So happy with this find because the style is so me.

This was my look for dinner: a Leelo top with a Muji tank under, Muji pants, Timberland shoes and Jean Paul Gaultier bag.

It's not so obvious but the back of my Leelo top is a sheer chiffon with a fold detail. I needed to wear a tank inside because it was too scandalous to wear without.

Dear Rex, one of Bangkok's host with the mostest, brought us to DID at the Ascott.

Basically, it's dining in the dark. Before we entered we made sure to go to the toilet first because it would have been cumbersome to enter and excuse yourself for a wee wee. We proceeded by choosing our food preference, mainly, key words like International, Thai, etc. Of course, it was Vegetarian for me. You'll never know what will you get. Even the drinks have codes like Sweet/Sour or Bubbly/Light. We were asked to leave our celphones and camera at the reception area. They placed it inside a box and locked it. I was the keeper of the key. There was a ritualistic factor to the whole affair. The experience was exciting!

Apres, a blind waiter guided us to our table and carefully explained our seating and arrangements on the table. As I expected from any fine dining establishment there was a bag hook under the table. I was toting a huge bag so I need that. Inside it was completely dark. When I entered I was a bit claustrophobic at first but slowly calmed down when I adjusted to the place. I sensed it was spacious and well organized. It smelled great, too. You have to assured that it's clean because you can't see what you're eating, right?

It's a three course meal and its started with a salad for me. I tasted blue cheese in the sauce along with the usual salad components. It was delish!

After dinner they showed me the salad. It looked pretty!

For the main it was a composition of ratatouie on top of crispy noodles with grilled Portobello mushrooms and shoe string potato. Yumminess!

The desserts was vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate, candied fruits and banana spring rolls with jackfruit jam.

To add excitement to our dramatic dinner, Julius scolded a rowdy group of people in the restaurant. Talk about scene stealer, LOL! Until now I can't help but giggle when I think of the incident. I'm pretty sure we'll be talking about it for years to come.

A little souvenir shot at DID.

I designed a special tee for Rex as a birthday gift. Julius also ordered a jacket for him from me. He also bought one of my tees, so that night he got 3 DP's instantly!

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kawadjan said...

That vintage Jean Paul Gaultier bag is calling my name! Sunduin ko kaya sya from Siem Reap? Humanda!