Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back In Bangkok


Another reason for my latest Bangkok trip was to meet my friends Ace and Rey for their annual birthday bash. We were supposed to travel and celebrate it in Hanoi but due to conflicting schedules we had to cancel it and settle for the next best thing: meet in Bangkok. I was also there for some sourcing with Tita Jaki and also meet Miguel and Bo.

I was with Tita Jaki for most of the morning and afternoon as she was in Bangkok for a limited time. I wanted to finish our business schedule as planned because I needed time to prepare to change for the intimate birthday bash of Ace and Rey in the evening. Tita Jaki also had plans with her family for dinner so we were really efficient with our sourcing. I even had time to have an early dinner with her.

Fashion Diary: top and bottom - DP, shoes - Timberland, bag - Plantation Issey Miyake

I love my bag. I got it in Phnom Penh in Sakura, a Japanese thrift store. I was looking at the belt section and it was hanging there. When laid flat it's sorta looks like a wide canvas belt but with the pleated part expanded it becomes a roomy vessel.

I saw this window display at ZEN and it looks cool.

I had an early dinner with Tita Jaki at Platinum Mall's food court. As expected I ordered my favorite somtam with salted eggs and rice noodles with assorted seafood balls and fish.

I rushed to dress up and picked up Bo and Miguel with Julius. They were staying quite near Julius' apartment so it was easy for us to pass by there. Actually, their hotel was at the back of Dean&Deluca where I prefer to hang-out when I'm in Bangkok now. We just then took the BTS to the Centara Grand Hotel where the birthday party was.

This is the view from Red Sky on top of the Centara Grand Hotel. Lovely!

The cast: Gibo, who flew in that day; Ace, the birthday boy from San Francisco; moi; and Bo...

Miguel, Julius, Rey, the other birthday boy, and Kawadjan, who owns some of these pictures that I've stolen. Thanks dear!

Minus Miguel and Bo, we've all met through blogging. I first met Gibo and Kawadjan in Luang Prabang so if you back track a bit (since I'm lazy to find the link) you will see the photoshoot we did there. Last year I had a fab vacation in Bali and Phuket with Ace, Rey, Kawadjan, Julius and Mike. Too bad Mike couldn't come for this one because of previous commitments (or me thinks maarte lang talaga sya! hehehe). Well, anyway, we had an empty chair just for Mike at dinner so he is there with us in spirit.

Apres, we had drinks at DJ and went to Noodie House for some after-after-party noodles. Highlight of the evening was Kawadjan scoring a Emporio Armani jacket from Rey, a Bo Parcon jacket from Bo AND a 'Puey Quinones for Danzen' jacket from Miguel! Julius had to settle for a Hugo Boss tie from Rey. Let me just say, in the spirit of full diclosure, that Ace made a disappearing act. I'll leave the answer to your imagination.

I wore this for the birthday dinner: top - DP half jacket + Y's Yohji Yamamoto tank + DP top, bottom - DP pants, shoes - vintage, bag - Y'saacs.

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kawadjan said...

That was fun... our annual reunion ang drama.

Baket nga ba nawala si Ace? Baka pumunta ng temple at nag-alay sa mga monks?

Or am I being too creative in my imagination? Hmmm...