Monday, March 19, 2012

Kampot And Kep

Went to Kampot with my friends for Oscar's birthday bash. The party was fun but I didn't take any photos at all! That is very weird of me. I guess, I was just too relaxed to whip out my camera phone.

On this trip, I got to read the second installment of Zsazsa Zaturnnah and I was terribly disappointed. I don't understand why I didn't find it as well crafted as the first one. I'm hoping the next chapters would go back to the Pinoy humor and campy style. Napaka-serious mode naman nitong bagong issue.

I had a lovely breakfast the next morning. The mangoes were so sweet!

From Kampot we drove to Kep. This is the port going to Rabbit Island which I plan to explore next time I'm in Kep.

There is something magical about this place for me.

We had lunch at the Crabs Market. I really enjoyed this shrimps with Kampot pepper.

We also had grilled fish and squid. OMG! My mouth is watering thinking of those squid.

At the Sailing Club with Eng, Nod, Digard, Henny and Toefi.

Also with Doc Vic, Oak, Dave and Romyr.

We also checked out Knai Bang Chatt. I stayed there before and fell in love with the place.

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Carver said...

Thanks for posting about the book! :-)