Monday, March 19, 2012

Square 24

I was going to Bangkok for Loven's birthday so I decided to fete him at Square 24 with Faith. I haven't tried this resto before despite it being open for a year or so. Just goes to show I have been lazy and usually head to my default dining faves like Moloppor or The Indian.

It was fully booked when I arrived but kudos to the staff for accommodating a table for us, which made it even special.

The owner of the place, a friendly Khmer French gentleman, chatted with us and I learned he had a working stint in the Philippines prior to setting up his place. He worked with some of the best hotels so I really expected to be impressed with their food and service.

I started with a potent Margarita and some amazingly herb fragrant chips.

I also tried their Pina Colada and it was velvety smooth.

We skipped starters because we had enough of the chips. I ordered steamed fish on a bed of stir-fried garden vegetable and flat noodles. It had 4 dipping sauces: a Kampot pepper with lime sauce, a peanut sauce, a sweet chilli sauce and a lemon garlic sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection and I really love the different sauces to go with it. My fave was the Kampot pepper. I liked how a simple Cambodian dish was elevated into something you can serve in a fine dining restaurant.

My only complain though was how it was plated. I would have wanted it in a bigger vessel since their generous portions were overflowing from the plate. It would have been easier to take a piece of the fish and put a little bit of my chosen sauce without mixing it all. But it's a minor concern and I still totally enjoyed my meal.

Loven ordered Fish Medallions and I got to taste it. The flavors were exploding in my mouth and I will order this the next time I come back there. I really thought it was beautifully plated. There was a mushroom salad to go with it and it complimented the textured of the fried fish.

Faith had this chicken dish with a tomato capers salsa.

Apres, we had desserts at Swensen and I had my favorite Celebrity Brownie.

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