Monday, April 09, 2007

Bo Parcon's Birthday

Birthday boy, Bo Parcon, recently celebrated his natal day at Afrique's. Everybody got loaded with food, booze and a special fuchsia pink chocolate fountain. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. Next year again, maybe, huh?

roi, jj

john castigador

scarlet french

ian, aman

marky and moi

the lovers according to the birthday boy

roi and food

titit 'paka' pefianco in bo parcon

lex tupas

ivan monte

erwin chiongson and his bicep

mowdels! sarah jaleco and daria ramirez werbowy

80's model naomi and linda. ay! nonoy mosquera and roxanne gali.

roger, gail and aman in troika

another menage de troi, mark, jj and rofel

power puff girls. pipoy, bo and moi

kayumanggi foundation founder. jaki and butz penalosa

i'm three years old only. blow!

sherwin and stella hembra, joan villanueva
mark and rofel

mo2's queen of the dancefloor, milyonarya nacy hechanova with dinah desquitado

alin ang naiba?

hazel parcon, supermaw roxanne and shoto parcon

shonie parcon, ian and hazel parcon

vince ascalon and afrique's miguel cordova

paul and leah chiongson

tnt's marichel magalona and kathy villalon


Lyka Bergen said...

Tita Don! Thanks for visiting our blog.... and the info about Ria.

Happy Birthday to Bo~!

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Oh my word, are you kidding me?! I LOVE your efforts! It's always nice to see Filipinos/Filipino-Americans do well, especially in fashion.

Ilonggo ka?

Oh and how did you find out about my blog? Lately I've been getting tons of readers from the PI.

Anonymous said...

I love Rofel and Rofel's outfit.

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka - thanks for visiting

ilove - of course i'm ilonggo. just had a fashion show for the 4th angkor silk fair in cambodia. represented the pinas.hehehe havent gotten around posting the pix here.

anonymous - rofel's outfit is by moi! glad you!

Anonymous said...

they 1st picture with the guy in back is better. said...

whoever you are fuchsiaboy, fashion guru of the monks, miokk kang's greatest disappointment, i enjoy your stories, its like making a good disaster out of innocence. stories that bore ants and termites. shows distinct show off and deathracks. bring it on!

fuchsiaboy said...

i_hate_to_bore_myself, you made me laugh.

don't we love making disaster out of innocence? it's more interesting that way.

Anonymous said...

There's another one pix of the odd couple... pertaining to Paul Chiongson and that look-so-cheap-girl... pardon me, i just can't get my head round it!!!