Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bourbon Street's new dishes

Bourbon Street at Smallville recently invited a select group of, 'ahem', journalists and lifestyle writers to sample the latest dishes they are offering. Um, what did we have... a wonderful and refreshing shrimp salad, a deliciously moist baby back ribs with bourbon sauce, a gamey grilled chicken with some wonderful sidings of vegetables, a creamy pesto pasta and a lot more! i honestly was bursting with fullness from all the food they served. early on i had a lychee martini and some vodka while waiting for us to be served. The dessert they served were apple crumble with vanille ice cream, death by chocolate and a chocolate mousse cup. The party moved upstairs in their lounge where house music played while you enjoy your cocktails. Definitely worth every penny you spend and the prices are reasonable. News got to me that their backribs are the best sellers, usually, out of stock already by ten p.m. Do come early for dinner if you want to order the backribs. Oh, and i drank this cocktail there, taste like coconut oil/peach, that was refreshingly chuva! i love it. i just forgot what it's called. hmmm...

john c and his steak

scott saria, sorry i forgot your name, eos

jet hiz of i-premiere & scott saria of days hotel

ms. yap & boytoy

pinoy gonzales & john c. of panay news

vincent alocada of sunstar & kathy villalon of the news today

florence hebionada & ms. m of tnt

moi of fuchsiaboy

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