Saturday, April 21, 2007

Iloilo Yearbook Launching

Pane Rosales

Jasmine Castelo

Emma Nava and Manny Gruenberg

Gerry Gaudarama

Scott Saria and Pia Nava

Eugene Jamerlan

Desiree Bretana and Nonoy Ybiernas

Mrs. Magalona and Eric delos Santos

Kathy Villalon

Khuy Haresco

Angie Cayabyab

Pangging Rosales

Miguel Cordova and Ritchie Garcia

Bo Parcon

Jaki Penalosa & Ian Alla

Marichel Magalona of the Iloilo Yearbook and Rofel P.



Anonymous said...

ganda ni Jasmine


Lyka Bergen said...

Mas maganda si Pangging noh? Helloooo? Pero best smile ang Kathy V. ha!

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Do you have a website or an online store of your designs? Would love to see your current work!

fuchsiaboy said...

kathy, pangging, jasmine are all maganda.hehehe

ilovesec - no i don't have a website cept this blog and my flickr which i update with my stuff once in a while. my stuff&designs are sold & can be ordered at marni's room, powerplant mall & backstage, serendra. i usually design pieces here and there that i sell to my friends. i'l post some of my current designs soon so watch out for it.