Monday, April 09, 2007

So far...

I'm really so behind with my blogging. So many pix to upload!
Just came back from Boracay and Pandan (where i went to Malumpati River and Phaidon Beach). I'm telling you Pandan is the next in thing. Boracay is so crowded already. Nakakaloka. I didn't relax at Boracay at all (the crowd, the noise and one incident i wish to forget). Had a massage at Spa Riviera after I arrived home from Bora. I sweated out all the toxins in their sauna. I actually want to be completely naked inside the sauna room but I got shy coz their were Koreans inside. Tiny, my fave therapist, really focused on my lower back and shoulders. She felt the tension and toxin build-up in there. I was so refreshed after the spa.
But then I got pissed off with somebody.
Hay, you can't have it all.
Random Thoughts:
Hedi Slimane was replaced by Kris Van Assche at Dior Homme! Hoarde all the Dior Homme pieces you can get. In Manila, at Homme et Femme, Shangri-la.

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