Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paul and Leah's Wedding

Paul and Leah recently exchanged vows. It was a very exclusive, family and friends affair. Not more than a hundred guest were invited. The reception was at Messe: cozy interiors with cute fishbowl centerpieces with a gadget that change light. And you could bring the fishbowl with the goldfish inside after! We feasted on honeyed chicken, lechon de leche, potato gratin, buttered vegetable, beef medley, some fish and a lot more. The wedding cake had three flavors - orange, prune and carrot. Everyone was well oiled with champagne and wine. Of course, the groom was very happy. The couple will be going to Phuket for honeymoon.

Paul & Leah Chiongson

goldfish giveaways

jade's brother and jade chiongson

dante aguirre, kevin piamonte, erwin chiongson

jet hiz, jaki & butz penalosa

bob rodriguez, leah caringal and moi

moi and jade


Anonymous said...

Is Paul's so desparate to get married? She looks so katulong beside him... what was he thinking??? please tell me!!!...

nice blog site btw.

Anonymous said...

Can u tell Jade to check her mail. She is involved in a scandal.