Friday, July 25, 2008

Croissant and Green Tea

1. Breakfast and lunch for the past days. Been sick so it's a diet of croissant and green tea for me. I like it because I feel so light.

2. Today I had a brief chat with Lyka Bergen. The diva seems fun. I was surprised he came from Iloilo, too!

3. I miss chatting with Kawadjan. Busy yata sa lovelife ang supermowdel ng Thailand.

4. I miss, miss, miss, miss M. Hug you!

5. I miss B.

6. Busy with preparations for the next exhibit which is goin to be on Tuesday. As I'm writing this I'm in the Arts Lounge supervising the removal of the logs of coconut we used for the previous one. Loven, who got the logs for free, said he placed some of it in my room. Hehehe!

7. He gave me FRUITS postcards which he got from Phnom Penh.

8. Cecile Zamora van Straten emailed. She's so chica. There's a sale at Eairth I learned from her.

9. My friends went out tonight. : ( And I'm not there!

10. I might take a short vacation end of August. : )


kawadjan said...

miss na rin kita. i will be back at the office next week. have a nice weekend, love. (at indeed, may update ako about snejana.)

Gibo said...

...ang kawadjan...may lovelife na?

sya na ang babooshka ng bangkok.

get well..end august indeed.

Lyka Bergen said...

That was a nice chat, Fuchs! Am looking forward for the next one. Labia!