Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hong Kong Fashion Week F/W 2008

The kind people of Hong Kong Trade Development Council invited us for their fall/winter shows and exhibition. Sent us invites, passes and all. And since it was SALE season and it was around the time of my vacacion grande, it made perfect sense I drop by and check out the SALES, este, the shows, right? They even called us to confirm if we really are coming. I love the folks at HKTDC!

Good thing my good friend, the Queen of Hablon, Jaki Penalosa arranged the tickets and booking because I couldn't have managed it myself. Even my passes and ID for the shows was coursed thru her. Her daughter Aisha, a budding fashion designer herself following the steps of mamman, came with us.

One of the shows we liked so much is Fashion Fiesta, a group show of the different fashion schools in HK. It proved to be a popular show because a lot of HK celebrities and fashion editors came to watch it. There's even a performance of a pop group and they will also be singing for the Olympics. How do I know even if I don't have an effing clue who they are? Well, camera crews trailing behind, paparazzi's and several Marni balloon bags (I want one!), apparently, the du jour 'it' bag of the HK fashionistas. And generally, Hong Kong-ites are skinny but their fashion editors and fashionistas are even skinnier. I'm so obese there!

The Olympic fever has bitten them fashion people there and sportswear inspired stuff ala Stella McCartney for Adidas, Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 and, to even ballroom inspired outfits. Hey, dance is sports now! And you have designers churning out sci-fi inspired stuff complete with light chuva and all. See below. I like the equestrian outfits the most, whoever designed them, and you have to take my word for it coz i didn't take pix.

See that model in the middle? That's Jasmine Maierhofer and she's the fiercest model among the lot. I swear she owned the runway. And she's Filipino. Sorry but taub ang mga HK models sa kanya. Hehehe. She modeled for me during Philippine Fashion Week 2008. My ' first model ' , actually. Ms. Chuvaness (http://chuvaness.livejournal.com/419296.html) of chuvaness.com even wondered if she could fill in the shoes of top model turned photographer Joan Bitagcol. I think she can. She's very nice and friendly.

We bumped into each other after the show. That's moi, Jasmine and Camille Sison (Mega's Assistant Fashion Editor), who sent me this pic.

Anyway, i really shouldn't be comparing HKFW with our own but I hope the government and manufacturing pips out there would team up together to create something like it. Fashion is not just glamour and shows but it's also a business. More than anything, fashion is a business for them there. You watch the shows and after you go to booths and order clothes. A lot of buyers are there, from all over the world. Yes, Pinoys have the talent and artistry but it sucks when you can't sell your ideas. No venue to sell it. Buyers don't know where to find good talents. That's why I think there's no fashion industry in the Philippines. Unless you talk of brands like Bayo, Bench or Kamiseta, etc.

Is there hope one day where the likes of Ivar Aseron, Joey Samson or Inno Sotto being sold in stores around the world?

That I don't know.

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Gayzha said...

Yes, I think it won't be long. Filipino talent is now starting to be recognizable offshores!

I think blogging about it - like the one you are doing now - is a good promotion.

So keep the stories coming!

Mwahhhh !!!