Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I was hoping it was Marc Jacobs and not Marc Nelson. He just passed by me. He was with his girlfriend (I presume), who's not Filipina. Mukhang Brazilian. Thank goodness there are only two of us Filipino here in the hotel. And we both don't like showbiz people. Showbiz gossip, yes, we like. Showbiz people, no. If he stayed in that other hotel I know with lots of Filipino I'm sure he'll get some buzz there. Good thing he decided to stay here where he'll never be bothered. Or baka popular na sya after Amazing Race Asia chuva nya? Hmmm... Popular ba na show yun? Unlike Rain, when he shot his Canon commercial at Angkor Wat, droves of Korean fans trooped the hotel lobby to catch a glimpse of him. Ngek! Eh he was so regular looking kaya although he does have a nice body. Funny him, he arrived in the hotel around 12 midnight and after checking in his room he requested to go to the gym. Kaya naman pala that body is ripped. Hmmm...maybe 12mn workout works better than day workouts? What am I thinking!?

On another note, I'm not feeling 100% good today. I have this stomach situation. Not diarrhea, not acid, not ulcer. I don't know what it is but it's not that painful. I just feel a little upsetting jolt inside. Basta it's making me restless and uneasy. Avoided drinking milk and eating complex food. I just had croissants and water today.

Or maybe this is just stress for tomorrows closing party of the Bill Bensley Auction exhibit? So far we've raised US$20,000 to help Shinta Mani Hospitality Institute and Hotel de la Paix Sewing Center. Hope we can double that amount.

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the spool artist said...

Bubugbugin ko sana siya last night sa De la Paix but KC told me it was not him but Rovilson who sucked in that flag challenge sa Amazing Race! Hahaha.