Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fashion Diary 2

Another boring fashion diary.

Going to Sunday service

Shirt: Lanvin

Bag: Adidas tote

Pants: True Religion jeans

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Arts Lounge event

Jacket: Plantation

Shirt: Comme des Garcons Homme

Pants: Bo Parcon cropped pants

Shoes: Don Protasio gladiator shoes

Grocery shopping

Hat: Topman

Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent

Pants: Yves Saint Laurent

Shoes: Litmus

Going to a birthday party

Hat: Topshop

Shirt: Jil Sander

Pants: reworked pants

Shoes: canvas Converse

Break from work

Shirt: Missoni

Pants: Dries van Noten

Shoes: K-Bond

Cocktail and dinner for a friend at Sugar Palm

Shirt: Giordano tee under Y's Yohji Yamamoto top

Pants: Balenciaga

Shoes: Converse


gibo said...

i love those gladiator shoes. feel kong irampa yan sa spanish steps sa rome.

kawadjan said...

jusme, wala akong masabi. nainggit ako sa mga national costume mo! favorite ko ang second costume from trinidad and tobago. first runner up ang last costume from curacao. balenciaga talaga. kainis ka. :-)

fuchsiaboy said...

gibo - naman! size 10 ka ba? pa-borrow ko sa'yo complete with roman centurion costume! hehehe

kawadjan - oh, that old thing? ; )

paolo said...

I love the outfit that you wore to the Arts Lounge event and I saw the Marni Balloon bag at the Virtual Store, HOT piece! Haha.

Kiks said...

god, if life were clothes, you would be it.

no. walang patronizing dito. di naman kulot ang buhok mo no?

i like the red pants. and the Balenciaga.

paolo said...

Inspiration for the second outfit:
Fall 2006

fuchsiaboy said...

paolo - thank you, glad you liked my arts lounge outfit. i wasn't conciously referencing balenciaga 2006. but it does have the same spirit. i could only wish for a complete balenciaga look since i don't have the resources to buy it now. give me time. hehehe

kiks - wish life could be that simple like choosing clothes but we definitely all know that it's not. we can only hope that we'd breeze through life looking fashionable, decent and stylish despite all the odds. face challenges in pierre hardy shoes and some odd piece of couture. vungga di ba? hehehe

hotheadchick said...

Love those gladiator boots! Kulang na lang a man-slave to whip and a chariot. Hehe. Really hot fashion find! I'm jen, by the way. Your blog is so fun!

hotheadchick said...

Love those gladiator boots! Kulang na lang a man-slave to whip and a chariot. Hehe. Really hot fashion find! I'm jen, by the way. Your blog is so fun!

Yffar said...

added u up in my blog roll... hehehhee

hope you'll visit mine :D

paolo said...

I need a Bal outfit and a bag. Hahaha. Be my stylist. Hahaha.

kawadjan said...

hi don! i tagged you. 4 years of bad sex daw if you break it.

James said...

Oh god, I love the Balenciaga pants. And the gladiator shoes, jeezus. I'd kill for those. That jacket from plantation is also the hauteness.

fuchsiaboy said...

yffar - i did visit and i left a comment

hotheadchick - hmmm...i think you've been watching too much 'rome' or 'caligula' to have visions of them centurions. hehehe

paolo - sure! i wanna be your stylists! and my fee's cheap, oh, maybe a shopping trip to balenciaga? hehehe

kawadjan - i'l take bad sex than no sex at all.

james - you've got a 'killer' fashion sense. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Can I order the Gladiator boots in a size 53?

e-mail me back. thanks!

jersontriguero said...

Can you please send me information as to how i can order the gladiator boots? I need one, am a size 54.

And do you carry the singlets and cropped shorts in different colors?

Do e-mail me back for some information