Friday, July 25, 2008

Why smoking seems so appealing and fashionable.

I've never tried smoking in all my life and I don't think I'd be starting now but everytime I have a photoshoot I always end up suggesting to have the model light up a ciggie. There's something fashion and glam about it. If you're that chica I guess you're allowed to smoke.

I don't know if it's right to say this but I think there are just some people who look good smoking cigarettes and have ' it ' written all over them. A fine example:

Fashion writer Martin Webb seems to have that certain style of making smoking so appealing and fashionable. At least in the pictures I've seen of him with a stick.

Even his wife Yoshiko has ' it ' . She looks fasyon!

I read somewhere that they spent one of their Christmas in the Philippines. That's nice to know.

I was recently interviewed by The News Today and they asked me who I think is fashionable. I said Ann Demeulemeester and Martin Webb. You all of course know who Ann is. Martin...I'm a fan of, the style blog of the very stylish Diane Pernet and Martin Webb is the contributor from Tokyo. The blog is like a virtual clubhouse where Ms. Pernet's cool friends report from all over the world about fashion, parties, culture, personalities and happenings. Can I contribute about Cambodia, too? : ) Hehehe. Btw, I've taken all his picture from there.

He also is a copy editor of several publications and writes for several magazines and newspapers. I think he styles shoots, too.

Anyway, that is where I usually see Martin Webb and I find his style very admirable. I think it's easy for fashion people to get so far out there, wearing the most outrageously uncomfortable and impractical fashion or they can go at the very extreme and not care how they look because caring might seem that they're too desperate to tell the world they work in fashion. You get my drift?

Now here comes a straight guy who looks fasyon and really owns his look. See below:

Suit jacket with torn jeans. Informal Formal?

He loves breaking fashion 'rules'. Isn't it a no-no to button the bottom button of a suit jacket?

Messy hair with an impeccably cut suit.

Trying on some jacket. Some would say he's very Dior Homme-ish but I think he goes beyond that.

He read that TNT interview and placed a link on his blog for Tokyo Numero.

He even placed a pix of me there. Hmmm...I hope the Japanese are not having nightmares. Hehehe.


kawadjan said...

smoking has always been fasyon, dear. isa yan sa reason at baket di ako matigil-tigil. kainez.

the spool artist said...

i second da motion! you are definitely not IN if you don't puff! hehehe... naging bad influence ba!

Bryanboy said...


true fashionista said...

smoking has never been and never will be cool. if you think that. then you are really a wannabe and a poseur. if you don't agree with this comment. deal with it.