Sunday, July 20, 2008

Health! Happiness! Success! Oh, yessssssssss!

1. Saturday I was feeling shit. Got this cough and flu thingy. Friday's closing event went great and the excitement of the bids and all made me forget, temporarily, that i was feeling shit. Woke up Friday feeling sore. Woke up Saturday feeling worse. But I'm the type who would rather do something to forget my miserable state than mope and suffer. Thank goodness for work!

2. We raised US$26,000 for the 2 charities we support. It will definitely be a big help. I'm just so glad it's over now. On to the next exhibit.

3. I miss HK. No, I miss ang mga SALE signs sa HK. And infairness, kahit di ako nakabili ng marami ang saya saya to see the actual clothes of my fave designers. I learned so much techniques kasi I looked at the seams, turn it inside out, taking note of the cuts and folds. Hehehe! Kaya siguro the people at Marni were staring strangely at me. Hehehe!

4. I'm drowning myself with green tea and hot water. I can't stand my itchy throat. And my stomach hurts from all the coughing. I thought at first it was dyspepsia or diarrhea.

5. Last Saturday, we were supposed to a.) Go to the Shaolin show with friends b.) Go to the Singles party at church c.) Have dinner with Sarah and her friends from Malaysia. Eventually, I ended up eating an early lunch at Sugar Palm because Loven and I were so hungry. Sarah and her friends arrived much later. We had grilled tofu, fish amok, lime soup, crispy noodles, vegetable noodles, coconut soup, and the best selling grilled eggplant with salty beans. Needless to say we were stuffed. Then we had desserts at AHA. I'm lovinf the new Tiramisu there. Basta, it's unlike any Tiramisu I've tasted before. I call it deconstructed Tiramisu.

6. I learned a new mantra from Rachelle, Sarah's friend and training manager of Saujana, " Health! Happiness! Success! Oh, yesssss!" Say it like you're having an orgasm. Simply hilarious. Apparently, the good pips at Saujana chant it everyday before every morning briefing. Imagine that. I would slit my throat if ever we do that here in our hotel. I don't mind other people doing it as long as it's not me. Hehehe!

7. Sunday. Went to church. Then we finished Season 2 of Heroes in one sitting. I had to rest my eyes after, lie down in bed and process the whole thing. Around 10:30pm, I woke up, did a few sketches for some clothes I'm doing. Went to bed around midnight.

8. Today. Still sick. I hate the bastard who infected me.

9. Check out, a diary of a recovering addict.

10. I love to have this kind of set-up to display my clothes. Hussein Chalayan at Dover Street Market.


the spool artist said...

Why oh why do we have to finish Heroes in one sitting??? My work schedule is ruined and my butt hurts like hell... but no one can just get over it until it's finished!

Okay, repeat after me... health, happiness... success... oooohhh yeesss!!!

Gibo said...

you sound like u had a fab time in hk. i know, the "sale" sign in hk is so irresistible. so many things to buy, so little time...(sige, money na rin)

Kiks said...

the time you went to hk was the sale-sale. meaning, the real sale.

alam mo, i also do that, look under the clothes, see the seams and the cuts pero di naman ako marunong.

wish ko ring mag-aral manahi. if only i can.

pero chos for now. mangsurprise muli sa mga dressang nakakaloka sa paningin. at wag masyadong maadik kay e.

fuchsiaboy said...

kiks, sale na sale sya. as in.

well, it's easy to design. you gotta own the look though, and that is something that's very hard. to be a designer, pakapalan lang yan ng apog. stand by your designs ika nga.

totoo kaya lahat nung kay E? he claims to be bobo pero coherent yung mga sinasabi nya ha. makes me wonder fiction kaya?

fuchsiaboy said...

gibo - really had a wonderful time. may na-miss lang akong bilhin.

spool - we finish it in one sitting because we have that powers.