Sunday, March 01, 2009

Last Week

Thursday: Had dinner with Elizabeth and Loven at Sugar Palm. Faith couldn't join because she had to finish a report. We discovered Eliz hated tofu and she told us about her funny 5 hour dinner in a swanky tofu place in Tokyo. Apres, we had desserts at Sofitel. We practically laughed away the whole evening.

Friday: After work I went to the gym and worked-out a bit. Wasn't feeling 100% energized so I stopped after 30 minutes on the threadmill. I usually watch Teen Titans, Ben 10 and FTV when I'm in the gym. That time I watched Animal Planet. Something was really wrong with me.

Saturday: Slept the whole morning. The meds I took for my flu worked but I feel totally drained. I ate breakfast but skipped lunch. I managed to design a jacket for my collection and by the end of the day my seamstress finished it. I was happy with the way it turned out. Feeling hungry late in the afternoon, I opened the Piatos I got from Faith. I savored it because it travelled from the Philippines to Phnom Penh to Siem Reap into my loving arms. Late evening I went to Eliz. We just talked fashion and ranted about stuff. After that I went to Monument Bookstore to buy Vogue Paris Feb. 09 and ate dinner at Lucky Burger. I love the shrimp burger there. With no date, I went home.

Sunday: Had an interview for a magazine. It went well. I had fun and I think I've delivered my message about my role in the Arts Lounge and being its curator. Loven and moi then checked the progress of the project we are unveiling soon. Had a little drama situation involving a Khmer but it was settled instantly by Loven. We had a nice little chat with Martin also. I went back to Eliz to wait for Loven there while he deals with our project. We chatted about Hello Kitty, Blythe and other dolls. I don't know why the conversation got there. Apres, went back home to get Faith, Granny and Freedom for dinner. We had a tummy bursting one at Hong Kong Restaurant. Then desserts at Chamkar, nyomplay-ay, glutinous rice balls with sugar palm cubes inside and coconut cream sauce. They sprinkle shaved fresh coconut meat and some more crumbled sugar palm cubes on top. Heavenly! I had it with tamarind juice. We went home after and watched CSI marathon.

I miss going to the ukay already. :(

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kawadjan said...

You write this: Something was really wrong with me.

And a few paragraphs later, this: With no date, I went home.

I got the picture, just like everyone else who reads this. "Oh give that virgin act a rest."

Tuloy kain ka nang kain. "What to do?", aber?