Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Longing for a Pause

It's another point in my life when things seem to be happening at the same time even before I could savor the moment to even realize what had happened. It's not even the sheer amount of things I need to do. All taken cared of, thank you. It's about the same gnawing feeling I had before when all I wanted to do is sit on a fence and maybe leisurely, and possibly, in slow motion, dissect the play that is my life. Not this one where it's zooming fast or in Freedom-speak, 'fashter and fashter and fashter', complete with up&down hand gesture. Freedom's going to be four soon and I can't believe he's growing up so fast. It means I'm getting older, too. Not that it's really a dilemma for moi, unlike some friends of mine. Nope, I haven't earned the right to bitch about mid-life crisis and getting old yet. I'm definitely not making this an entry about that. I guess, I'm just sad sometimes when I'm having too much fun and then it had to end. Or something happened and it's a potential minefield for life lessons but then I shove it behind me. Oh, well...

On other stuff, last Monday I had a nice time with other Siem Reap-ers in the cocktail party hosted by McDermott Gallery for the Art Venues and High Street Boutique brochure the group is coming up with. It's so nice to catch up with other expats who are making Siem Reap a dynamic and vibrant destination besides Angkor Wat.

Loven and Narisa

Caroline, Eric's friend, Eric and Marie

moi and Bina

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Anonymous said...

i hope during that pause, you will not neglect your blog, hehe