Sunday, March 08, 2009

Zen Bitch lunch and other random thoughts

Last Saturday Loven and Vincent celebrated their birthdays together at Casa Ramos. Twas fun, fun, fun. Brewster had a wonderful tango with Jack Daniels while I did some waltz with Grey Goose. I spied Vincent whispering something to Nikki, the hot chick from New Yawrk. The Koreans were there, Sooyoung and friend. The Pinoy contingent were in full force - Marpha, Clave, Ryan, Jessie, Sarah, Rhea, etc. Even the Khmers didn't disappoint - Pisal was funny! One of the best parties I enjoyed recently.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was in the gallery for a viewing by a client. The Malaysian couple ended up buying $3000 worth of artworks. I'm quite pleased, of course. With the recession it's quite positive to find people spending that much amount on art. On the other hand I was talking to a friend and I said to him people wouldn't stop buying stuff at all. We retailers just have to make sure we create 'desire' and the buyers get the necessary 'emotions' when they see what you sell. Make sure your buyers get an emotional connection with what you sell and I'm definitely sure it's so easy for them to hand out their credit cards.

End of the day I was so tired, still feeling the effects of Grey Goose the previous day, I planned to go to the gym and sweat out the alcohol but scrapped it when there were too many guests using the gym. Loven luckily called and informed me that fried tilapia from Phnom Penh was our dinner fare for the night, and feeling I needed some carbs, decided to go home straight for a wonderful feast of rice and crispy fish. I'm mababaw. I love eating fried fish with rice.

Olive made some leche flan but I didn't touch it since I'm already losing weight (Kahit konti. See Kawadjan I still have some sort of 'elegance is refusal' mantra in moi, you should be proud). I waited for sleep to creep in while cruising through Sunday CSI marathon. Before that I was able to catch the late part of Wipe Out, a sort of Takeshi's Castle reincarnation where contestants go through a series of absurd 'obstacles' to win a plum prize. But it's nowhere near as fun as the Japanese version but entertaining nonetheless if you like shows where you're not required to think.

CSI Las Vegas had this genius case. Four perplexing deaths, each one a sort of sculpture study, the victims died of asphyxation using carbon monoxide and rigor mortis setting in just under 2 hours. It turns out a crazed artist wanted recognition for his art and thought that by killing people and using them as art medium it will give him the celebrity that he wants. What's exciting in CSI is, of course, the chase and analysis of clues.

I read the 25 influential style makers according to W magazine and then when I couldn't see but blur I decided to sleep.

Today I almost overslept until noon. I woke up around 4am coughing my brains out. I was ignoring it at first but then my throat became unbearably itchy so I had to get out of bed and drink Pe Pha Qua. Relieved I was able to go back to sleep but then woke up at around 9am. I hurriedly took a bath and did my morning rituals before zooming to the gallery.

Lunchtime, like any self respecting socialite, I met up with Zen Bitch to have lunch at AHA. It's the first time I'm meeting the queen of dinner parties of Phnom Penh. Take note Kawadjan, ZB was kind enough to bring me gifts. A Kenzo shirt, Perry Ellis gingham shirt, a Muji gym shorts and this wonderful Emporio Armani striped linen pants. So chic, no? I will post it in another entry.

Over fried eel with chili&holy basil for moi, and risotto, spring rolls & grilled shrimp for ZB, we gossiped, este, discussed about our common friends and their lives. O sige na nga nagtsismisan kami. Hay, naku there's a lot of stuff we both totally agree on. We talked about Pinoy horror stories, both of the ghostly kind and the ones that involve Pinoys you want to make a ghost of. Sa apartment nya na bago may mumu na nagpapakita at nagpaparamdam sa kanya! Lalaki daw. One time he and his housemate heard sounds of somebody moving furnitures around the house. Some of their friends even saw it. He's not bothered though.

I also learned he's going to India next week. Shusyal! I told him Kawadjan is going there also. Naku, this Slumdog Millionaire is making India more deathly popular ha. I wish I'l have the chance to go there. I'm so envious.

Next week, Friday, the LTE's Lyka Bergen, Mama O and Ekra Tan will stay in my hotel and will tour Angkor Wat. No report yet about their Bangkok escapade over at Kawadjan's coz the bitch of Bang-cock seems to be busy traipsing in the old capital Ayuthaya and Saphan Buri last week and currently is swimming with the fishes in the Gulf of Thailand. Don't ask me what kind of fish because I suspect it's not the kind that has gills and scales. Zen Bitch said he will try to come back Saturday next week to meet the LTE's. It'l be fun I hope.

Earlier today, I was talking to Gibo while he was doing his laundry. Gasp! How very domisticated! Pwede ng mag-asawa at mag-settle down. Hahaha! I reminded him how he loaths doing laundry in the evening because he hates the moon spying on him. I guess, there's a lot of smog in San Fo so that basically covers it. It's an inside joke so I'm pretty sure only those who really know that part of Gibo will get it. We also talked about some current 'obsessions' of mine which I'm going to refrain from discussing here.

Later I'm going to a little party hosted by McDermott Gallery. Ohhhh! I love going to parties by John and Narisa. There's always plenty of delicious wine and gossip. Hahaha!

Anyway, that's about it. I'l leave you with one picture of my lunch with Zen Bitch to dot this chatty entry:


mrs.j said...

how sweet echoz!

[G] said...

you current "obsession" gave me a nightmare and i was amazed how u managed to track each member of their cult..mala-csi!

fuchsiaboy said...

mrs. j - i had fun. ;)

(g) - hahaha! naman! nakakaloka di ba? i even shock myself sometimes.