Monday, October 04, 2010

Bonnie and Will's Party

Angkow Wat was extra moody that day for Bonnie and Will's birthday celebration.

Here's Bonnie and Will and they thought of having some yummy champagne there and also to enjoy the famed sunset view of this World Heritage Site. Have some bubbly and I'm there!

Even though it's in plastic cups it was still sooooo chic. Love it!

And here's my obligatory fashion diary picture:

Top: this deconstructed knit sweater over DP 'Perfect Imperfect' tee

Bottom: DP pants

Accessories: Thomas Sabo skull necklace, CDG Homme Plus bag and Nike Air black highcut sneakers given to me by Franco

It was a little bit gloomy so there wasn't much dramatic sun shots but I kinda think the rain clouds were much cooler.

Apres champagne, we made a mad dash to town for the 2nd part of the birthday party which was the 'Amazing Race'. We had to accomplish several tasks around town for an hour. The first one was the Bokahtor, a Khmer type of self defense.

Of course, I had to attack the birthday girl first, right? Hahaha! But she totally blocked my moves. Man, she's a ninja!

Then we had to make this drink at Art Deli called Picasso and it's sorta like Mojito. I had a go with it and they said it was delish.

Then we had to find the cheeziest 80's movie in any of the DVD shops. We found Conan the Barbarian. Funny thing they don't have lots of 80's movies for sale.

We also had to find some ugly hair stuff at Bubble Tea for $1.00.

We had to convince some tourists to eat at the noodle street stalls.

Had to buy a Same Same But Different tee for $1.00.

Drink the Chili Vodka at Little Paris. Ewww that was intense. Like supeeeeerrrrr HOT! No! Hellish! Torture! It's like drinking fire. But I'm glad I tried it.

Then one of us had to copy this motodop driver to show us how he naps on top of his bike.

And Will has to copy it.

We also had to find a Russian book in the second hand bookstore.

Actually, we had to ask and bring a live fish from the fish massage, convince a tuktuk driver to let us drive his tuktuk and sit as passenger, do an apsara dance in front of Temple bar, play instruments with the landmine survivor, have photographs with the concrete animals near the river, and many, many, many crazy stuff!

It was so much FUN I'm telling you.

The 3rd part was cocktails at the private swings of Hotel de la Paix.

Here's Will with his cake.

And Bonnie with hers. Leah baked it especially for them. Super yum!

Moi and the birthday girl ;) I changed to my Norman Noriega top but somehow I forgot to take a Fashion Diary pics. Oh, well, next time.

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