Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recent Finds

I few moons ago I went thrifting with friends not in my usual hunting grounds (Phsar Krolayn, Japan TS, etc) but in out of the way places I usually just pass by when going somewhere else. Here's a few of my finds:

When I saw this tee I knew I had to get it for my dear friend Eliz. Before, I gave her another statement tee with 'I survived!' and this one will be a great addition to her collection.

This beaded bag is something I wouldn't use but fascinated me to no end.

It's inspiring for me to look at and it doesn't even tranlate as making something with beadworks and such but more about the patterns, shapes and the color.

One designer who I discovered a long time ago is Margaret Howell. Her classic designs resonated with my penchance for a crisp button down shirt. I actually didn't know anything about the brand except I see her ads in past issues of Arena Homme + and obscure Brit magazines. Then I discovered Venetia Scott shot some of their recent campaigns and then I read an interview somewhere about MH's design philosophy and such and I fell in love with her work all over again. So I've been looking for more of her designs. My last visit at Japan Thrift Shop I found 2 MH suit jackets. This knit cardigan has grosgrain ribbon backing in the button hole placket, a delicious detail in an otherwise basic piece. Recently, they launched a new label called MHL by Margaret Howell.

This piece is very Margielic, non? I don't know anything about the label but I just like how it looks.


toxic disco boy said...

ganda ng overdrive. kind of reminded me of mcqueen's last menswear. yung puro prints.

Prêt à Porter P said...

I like the beaded bag and that last sweater is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

the beaded bag is amaze. you should frame it!