Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I didn't realize I wore white for several days already. Here's some of my looks:

Top: Eairth

Bottom: Gap jeans

Accessories: Thomas Sabo skull necklace and tabi boots

Top: DP sleeveless button down, a sample that we didn't produce

Bottom: Gap jeans

Accessories: leather bag from Japan Thrift Shop, Converse sneakers and assorted necklace

Top: Issey Miyake

Pants: DP cropped pants

Accessories: assorted necklaces, leather bag from Japan TS, and Muji leather sneakers

White can be daunting to wear simply because you want it as pristine and immaculately as possible the whole time. Unlike wearing black that engulfs and sorta becomes your shield, white is fragile and easily soiled. When you eat spaghetti or black squid ink pasta, you have to eat slowly and carefully, unless you want something ala Pollock. And it's a pain to wash. I have a bagful of washing disaster to prove it. But I can't resist the simplicity of a simple white button down shirt. I love sleeping in a ratty white tee or tank top. Even though I hate dealing with another bleeded white shirt I still can't resist stocking more white stuff. I'll dye it black when I can't remedy the stains already, hahaha!

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