Friday, October 15, 2010

a Plus Outlet

Just past Phsar Lu on the no. 6 road is a a newly opened thrift store called a Plus Outlet.

Of course, I had to check it out, non? Most of the clothing being sold are Korean brands. It's a little bit expensive at around $1 per piece so I wasn't so keen especially they sell mostly basic tees. You can get those same ones at Phsar Krolayn at a much lesser price. Of course, the difference is that in a Plus it's already on hangers. Here's 2 pieces that I got:

I instantly grabbed this mercibeaucoup, sweatpants when I saw it. Now it's like my go-to pants when I do yoga or just running around the house doing chores and work. I wish I could find more like it.

I also couldn't resist this enzyme washed Levi's 501 even though I seriously don't need anymore jeans. Plus the fact that jeans are heavy and don't travel well because it's so humid now. But I still got it because in my head I'm imagining myself doing grunge and 90's and MTV House of Style and Nirvana and all those random stuff only I can make sense of in my head. Hahaha! It's really like day dreaming when references and inspirations play in my head.

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