Thursday, October 14, 2010

Helmut and Phoebe

I went crazy bugging my friends in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, San Francisco and New York to get me this particular issue of 10 Magazine featuring their 10 fashion gods. Among the choices it was only Helmut Lang who was not designing anymore and that proves so much his ongoing influence until now (Heller, all the minimal 90's inflected fashion on the runways now). It was my good friend Daniel who came to my rescue and found a copy in New York. I specifically wanted the Helmut Lang cover, of course, (If you didn't know, I'm like an OBSESSED Helmut Lang fan) and true to Mr. Lang's subversive streak, features his passport photo. How cool is that? I'm definitely going to copy him, you wait and see, hahaha!

The maiden issue of Gentlewoman, sister magazine of Fantastic Man, featured the highly influential Phoebe Philo of Celine. Even when she was at Chloe I really admired her style and point of view. Somehow I like designers who make sense when they are interviewed and give sensible conversations. I also like designers that can articulate their collections in such ways that makes connection with real life. That is Phoebe to you and it is acknowledged that the reason why Celine is a style force because she makes clothes for herself and women like her. It's fantasy grounded in reality and not just all about 'chic' and 'modern' woman' and 'glamour and all those cliches.


elizar33 said...

I just wanted to share that I also got one with Helmut Lang on the cover.

Got mine here in the Philippines!

elizar33 said...

btw, got mine from BookSale...