Saturday, October 02, 2010

Shoes and Garage

Happy day today!

Went thrifting for shoes with my friend Rattana this morning because I'm hankering for some chunky sneakers lately, ever since Franco gave me his Nike Air high cut black sneakers. Add to that I've been obsessing over Rick Owens' design universe and his chunky sneakers seems to be screaming to me like a crazy banshee. Crazy stuff, I know!

Anyway, I always have this gut feeling whenever I go thrifting that says I will find something wonderful. Armed with positive vibes we checked out several thrift shoe store but didn't find anything quite interesting. Then I remembered one newly opened thrift shop that I haven't checked and there's where I scored this lovely sneaker from Diet Butcher Slim Skin. I was giddy with joy! Hehehe That's exactly the sneaker you see up there made of distressed goat leather. Perfection because I don't have to trash it to make it perfect because it's thrashed already! Hehehehe!

Diet Butcher Slim Skin is a Japanese label from Tokyo. It was started in 1997 by Hisashi Fukatami, and according to Oki-ni, the label 'focuses on producing modern clothing with punk influence and a brand manifesto of freedom in clothing'. Love!

Then my friend Toxic sent me a scan of Garage where they featured my designs as part of their Best in Show feature from last season's Philippine Fashion Week. Thank you Garage! I'm happy my menswear pieces got noticed because usually it's just the womenswear that gets all the press. It's the first time my show collection got featured in Garage's pages and I'm quite delighted.

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inkarlcerating said...

winner!! dapat lang naman! YEY