Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Art opening, dinner and friends

I honestly miss doing yoga with my friends. I'm currently trying to shake off an intense stress induced sickness that it has crippled my desire to get back to my exercise routine.

A few months back my friend Shaun visited me here in Siem Reap.

He was with his friends. I totally forgot they moved to Singapore so I didn't had a chance to meet them there early this month.

I invited them to the opening of the Arts's Lounge exhibit.

It's the first time I attended the Arts Lounge opening with me not working there. I had fun! No stress at all, hahaha!

That same week my friends from Phnom Penh visited Siem Reap. We had dinner at Trattoria Italiana. This pasta with truffles was heavenly! And kinda expensive, too.

Some of them were newbies in Siem Reap. All of them worked in the advertising industry in Phnom Penh. I heard a lot of Filipinos are prized there for their creativity.

While most of them went to Angkor Wat, I had a wonderful breakfast with Anne Marie and Karen at Central Cafe. Lifestyle lang. ;)

Then I went with them to buy tickets back to Phnm Penh and Karen shot this fab picture of me in the ticketing office. It says Fashion Dairy, non?

Top: DP 'Bird' print rolled sleeve top

Bottom: DP cotton jersey sweat pants

Accessories: Dr. Peepers shades, Comme des Garcons bag, Nike Air sneakers

Then we just hanged out at the Arts Lounge to see better the sculptures being shown. It was inspired by landmine atrocities thus the 'un-formed' and 'scarred' details of the pieces.

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