Monday, December 13, 2010


I can't believe another year will soon pass! It just zoomed like a jet with white clouds scrawling the blue sky. I arrived here in Siem Reap late 2007 and I could still remember my first night, my excitement of plunging into a journey I didn't know what to expect. Although Siem Reap is relatively known for Angkor Wat but it still does evoke something exotic and unknown to most people. A friend who lives in Thailand, a mere 6 hour drive, asked me if there's land mine in Angkor Wat. A friend told me her grandmother asked her where in China is Cambodia. So I guess the journey for me continues on. And it is still very much 'I don't know what to expect' from day to day. It's still very much fascinating from the people you meet to the things that happen around. Also the excitement is magnified for me because we will be transferring to a new house before new year. Just the other day I checked my room (much bigger so I have more space to litter my stuff) and I literally lost sleep thinking of how I should arrange it. Right now I'm going for that Margielic vibe with whites and salvaged object kinda feel. I'm also quite grown fond of the blog You Can Make It Easy because of blogposts like this. Anyway, I have to deal with the packing first, a monumental undertaking given the amount of rubbish I acquired over the years. Imagine when I first came I had only one suitcase of stuff and that includes my favorite pillow. I don't know now how many suitcases I would need to stuff all my belongings for the move. I bought 4 huge clear plastic 'sakonites' at Ikea in my recent trip in Singapore but I see it will only be enough to store my clothes. This is like the exodus from Egypt, hehehe! Tomorrow I'm going to the market to buy muslin for curtains, pillow case and bed sheets for my room.

I wore this outfit yesterday:

Top: Solo orange silk tee (very Helmut Lang-ish, non?) with my fave gray vest

Bottom: GAP 1969 jeans

Accessories: Muji patent sneakers and American Apparel bag


toxic disco boy said...

hay nako don di pwede satin ang make it easy na living standard. unless if may huge closet. hahaha. san ba itambak lahat? LOL.

goodluck sa pag hakot at pag lipat. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

sa archive ko pa lang isang kwarto na ang kailangan! hahaha! ;)

JP said...

hhahha. good luck with the move! hopefully i get to visit your new casa next year!