Monday, December 13, 2010

Madam Sachiko

One of my fave hang-out place in Siem Reap is Madam Sachiko's Cafe Puka Puka.

It's just beside her famous Angkor Cookies shop. This company is really admirable because of their goal to help Cambodian people have more jobs. Being a local businessman myself it's quite fulfilling to have helped people better their lives with the jobs we provide for our staff. I think I'm a good boss, hehehe! Anyway, check Angkor Cookies site to know more about them.

This is Cafe Puka Puka. It's a kind of flower, their name.

I love because they have Japanese magazines to read while I enjoy some Japanese snacks like green tea and red beans on top of shaved ice.

They also have delicious butter cookies and tamarind juice. I always enjoy my time whenever I visit there.

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