Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bangkok with Friends

This trip to Bangkok was a while back with Loven, Faith and Franco. We were all craving for some dose of urban chaos and inspiration. We met up with Kawadjan and Julius at Greyhound Cafe. We all love Greyhound. Such an inspiring brand.

Kawadjan was back fresh from Manille then. He met up with Toxic and Karl and brought some pieces from the first collection of Paradigm Shift. Franco wanted to shoot the clothes in Bangkok for F Magazine. We had fun previewing the clothes.

Here's Kawadjan wearing one of the Paradigm Shift cape.

Clearly, Franco saw something to raise an eyebrow about. May tsismis, hahahaha!

Julius' friend Anthony came with us to eat dinner at Somtam.

This boiled fish dish didn't really tickled my palate.

My fave there is the crispy tilapia and their somtam with salted eggs on top. Somtam is one of my fave restos in Bangkok. Julius is always there so I'm guessing he's part owner.

Apres, we went to iBerry for some ice cream. I love the artworks on their walls.

This is us as our friends Toxic, Fabgelous and Inkarlcerating.

Franco and I wasted no time in exploring and checking out the many shopping areas.

We had brunch at Pepper Lunch

and a late lunch at this resto at Siam Square near wwa.

Then we shot Ria Bolivar for F Magazine with Loven taking the photos, moi as stylists and Franco as editor. We had so much fun and it was done guerilla style because we didn't have permits and all. Ria was such a pro!

Late in the evening we were treated by Joseph and Aileen Beloria for dinner. I wore the PS cape and decided it's gonna be my first PS piece.

This octupus balls is so yummy.

Our friend Karen joined us later in the trip. She wore the necklace I made for her.

We also met up with Franco's brother and his fiancee. They treated us for dinner in this wonderful barbecue place.

I ate tons of salmon and seafoods. Reminds me so much of Roxas City.

I also ate lots of tilapia done encrusted with salt and grilled. Needless to say we had too much to eat.


Franco Dionco said...

Na-miss ko tuloy BKK.

fuchsiaboy said...

you SHOULD really miss BKK ;)