Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Subversive Cola

When I was in college my friend Sherry was so obsessed with United Colors of Benetton that she even has toilet paper from the brand. Studying in a far-flung, mountain side university I was amazed of the concept that a fashion brand can extend to humble products and elevate it into covetable commodity. Not just a simple toilet paper but a UCB toilet paper! Of course, in our current fashion landscape it's not unusual to have designers splash their names unto gadgets, hotels, cars, and everything under the sun. I have an Evian x Christian Lacroix.

But I didn't expect for Jun Takahashi, he of the very subversive UNDERCOVER, to collaborate with Coke Zero in a collection of merchandise that celebrate his love for music. SILLY THING, the art publishing group based in Hong Kong, will curate the project. My friend Daniel took a photo of a Coke Zero can promoting the project. I actually want one just for fun. Elizabeth, who drinks Coke at 6am, should stock box load of these very fashionable drink.

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