Thursday, August 25, 2011


I was in college when I embraced black. I'm a 90's boy and I grew up with minimalism, Helmut Lang, Prada nylon backpacks and the whole reductionist bregade. I spent my college years wearing all-black outfits everyday except exam time when we're required to use our uniform. Of course, that time I made head turns. I would create my own version of Helmut Lang's more progressive designs in black and wear it. Lots of slashed sleeves, straps and dangling belts. I've relaxed when I started working but I can say I still have a dominant amount of black clothing and accessories.

The other day I went thrifting and found these black pieces:

Vivienne Westwood tank top

NatuRAL Vintage top

Prada nylon backpack

Issey Miyake leather and nylon drawstring bag

Comme Ca Ism nylon tote

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