Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six Bags

Some thrift finds:

Unbranded leather bag, $7

Unbranded Intreciato woven clutch, $2

Hermes Fourre Tout canvas bag, $0.25

Comme des Garcons Robe de Chambre briefcase, $1.50

Porter wallet, $0.25

Ann Demeulemeester fabric bag, $0.10

Total cost: US$11.10

Not bad for a little retail therapy, non? ;)


Ann said...

Wah I'm so inggit! ^^, You and El Bosquejo has been flooding my dashboard with uber rad bag finds since this morning!!! Dying of envy here! ^^

elizar33 said...

amazing finds!!!

love the CDG Bag, i am seriously thinking of going to Cambodia just to thrift!

Jogels said...

Your ukay finds in Cambo driving my curazy as in they have $0.25 naloka ako