Monday, August 08, 2011

Grocery Kokur

This post was spawned because I got excited when Paul of Paul Highness blogged about wearing some vintage Paolo Raymundo pieces he was gifted by Michael Salientes, one of the Philippines' popular stylists. His posts reminded me so much when I would have trips to Manila and go shopping at Milkwear buying Paolo Raymundo or at Defect for Cecile Van Straten's stuff, and also meeting vanguard designers like Mich Dulce, Ignacio Loyola. Noni Diza and Tina Daniac. I would also buy Havoc and check out the pieces of DAACS, Warp and other labels associated with the rave culture. Funny, I was too young to go to such parties but I totally love the whole movement and the way they wear their fashions. Of course, I developed a different taste, eventually, and my style veered away from all of those stuff but I somehow saved a lot of pieces from that time, which was stored in our ancestral house. The jacket above is a gift from Cecile from her line called Grocery Kokur. Some sort of polyester fabric was used and it was spray painted silver to give it an antique look. I do have a feeling this jacket was part of her first fashion show collection for her store Grocery. I just wanted to share this because I've always believed that it's important to appreciate the works of designers who made a mark in our fashion history. I wish I could find more pieces by Cecile and other Filipino designers from the 90's because it's a period that's very relevant to me. I'm so happy Mr. Salientes bequeath a lot of his clothes to Paul who in turn gives it a sense of importance by wearing and sharing it on his blog for everyone to see.

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Anonymous said...

It would be really cool if Defect & Havoc were still around because now I could afford to buy their clothes and go to the rave parties of Consortium needless to say I was very young then and I would have to really save, sneak out from my parents so I can buy clothes from them when we went to the mall.

I think those 2 designers really shaped fashion in the Philippines.