Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canonet 28

I really don't know anything about photography and cameras but when I went thrifting the other day and saw this Canon tucked in a corner of a shelf in the thrift shop, I got intrigued. When I checked it the leather strap, solid built and handsome feel of the camera made me excited. To be honest, I was charmed because I had a mental image of me looking cool using it, hahaha! Anyway, I asked my friend who knows more about photography and Canon cameras to check it for me, if it works or will it be just another glorified dust gatherer I usually hoard. He said it works so i went ahead and bought it. Now the problem is finding a replacement battery since the specific type used for this model is banned for Mercury content. Also, since it was made and sold between 1968 to 1976, it'll be a little difficult to find especially here in Cambodia. Not a lot of people use films and analog cameras now that digital is the norm. There's great difficulty with old style cameras, too. That is half of the fun for vintage stuff, right?

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