Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My very first collection was created using recycled and reworked old clothing given by my friends who also modeled for me. Sadly, the one assigned to photograph the fashion show didn't really do a good job and ALL the pictures were blurred. I didn't give much thought about documenting my clothes that time which is a sad thing.

Working with vintage or recycled materials is a different challenge than when you have bolts of fabrics to use. I used to incorporate some reworked pieces in my collection but I felt quite restrained creatively with the colors, cut and materials to use. To solve the problem I created, PAID, my other line using recycled vintage materials.

One of our PAID best sellers are easy, breezy, dresses made from recycled silk, cotton and satin scarves. The fun is making all the patterns work and each one is unique, too! Here's a few of the pieces we have on stock at Poetry:

My favorite is this one with paisleys, monograms and geometrics combined.

We purposely didn't iron the pieces because I think the wrinkles and creases make it more charming.

Being 'green' doesn't mean you can't look chic at the same time. Here's one way to recycle some old scarves you don't use anymore ;)

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